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Red hot sweaty rock-n-soul and country blues. Tender, atmospheric, epic ballads. Heartfelt, emotionally honest musicality earned the old fashioned way. A singing, songwriting, producing multi-instrumentalist with not only a deep respect and appreciation for tradition, but an ear for the future. He’s someone who is comfortable living in the cracks and grey areas of all that American music has to offer in order to create a masterful and unique pop blend.

A wildly dynamic and undeniably charismatic performer compelled and unafraid to give of himself completely. A man driven to live, love, and play his heart out. See, the music isn’t just IN him… it’s who he is. For more information on Tony, click here.

March Happenings

• Thursday, March 30th, Acoustic Guitar
• Friday, March 31st, Dueling Pianos
• Saturday, April 1st, Dueling Pianos

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